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Mission / Vision

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality service by continuous improvement and through the knowledge of our most valuable assets OUR EMPLOYEES.

  • Strive to maintain our #1 goal of Zero accidents
  • Continuously improve upon the processes that lead us to our #1 goal of Zero accidents
  • NO job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely
  • Safety compliance is a condition of employment
  • Focus on the continuous improvement of work processes in the areas of safety, protecting the environment, quality, integrity, caring for our employees and responding to their needs, as well as that of the customers
  • Provide the resources necessary to ensure the highest quality service
  • Treat our employees as our most valuable assets
  • Ensure that they are properly trained and communicate our expectations
  • Maintain customer and public trust and respect through open communication between all parties /personnel
  • Establish fairness, respect and the highest quality standards of ethical conduct
  • Provide the resources required to protect the environment
  • Exhibit genuine concern for the environment through our actions